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      美國FMC 技術公司

      • 在線交談: 中國AGV網(www.sunise.cn)客服咨詢
      • 電話:400-003-8030





      FMC Technologies is North America's largest supplier and a world leader in providing Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems. We supply new AGV Systems including vehicles, software, installation, integration and long term customer support.

      But FMC Technologies is more than just an expert in supplying world class AGV systems. We are also a leader in developing new AGV Technology. As we advance this technology, we are bringing what was once impossible, within reach. If our many standard vehicle types do not provide the desired solution, we will custom engineer one that does.

      As part of the publically held (NYSE: FTI) US based corporation, FMC Technologies, Inc., we have the financial strength to succeed on the largest projects. We are committed to the AGV industry and that committment is evident on projects of all sizes. During our 20 plus years in supplying AGV systems, we have seen companies enter and exit the industry. Our committment has remained steady. Just like our growth.

      We have not grown to be the largest, most powerful AGV company by accident. We take the job of listening to and understanding our customer's challenges, very seriously. We provide the industries' brightest and most experienced staff, with an average of over 10 years AGV experience, to develop the optimum solution that delivers real-world results. And with over 150 full time employees, dedicated to AGVs, we have the resources to deliver that optimum solution both on-time and under budget.

      Career Opportunities

      FMC Technologies is committed to recruiting and maintaining the highest quality employees. We offer a rewarding career in automation and a comprehensive benefits package. Candidates interested in employment should contact the closest FMC Technologies - Automated Systems office.

      Representatives and Integrators

      FMC Technologies works in cooperation with material handling representatives and integrators in delivering AGV systems to end user customers. If you are a material handling representative or integrator and are aware of a potential project using AGVs, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to develop a solution that meets the project goals.

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